[Note: this post was originally posted on connor-g.tumblr.com] Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out my tumblr. This is probably just a temporary home until I buy my own domain name and server and set up my own blogging platform, but I've been meaning to start a blog for a while now and figured this was as good as any place to start.

Also, run-on sentences such as the above are one of my worst habits in writing, so please excuse them. I try to break them up when I can, but my writing tends to be fairly stream-of-consciousness so ooh look at that bird!

The purpose of this blog is as follows: I like reading about certain things, which occasionally causes me to form opinions about them, which I sometimes like to share with other people. When I can't compose those thoughts into something that fits in to 140 characters, I need somewhere besides Twitter to put them.

I like to think I can be both insightful and humorous, so I hope you'll enjoy reading what I have to say. My goal is to write at least one post per week and not give up after a month. And I appreciate constructive criticism, so please let me know what you think.

That about wraps up my obligatory welcome post. I'll probably post again soon to cover a certain Steve and his new phone. In the meantime, please enjoy "Glasses", one of my favorite songs from Jonathan Coulton's new album Artificial Heart.

AuthorConnor Graham