I'm still not entirely sure I'm gonna keep that as the title of my blog. I found it using this and it amused me but it obviously doesn't tell you anything about my blog. Of course, neither does Daring Fireball and he was one of my inspirations for starting a blog. So who knows. Let me know what you think of it in the comments. Speaking of which, sorry to the two people who commented on my screen size article--those comments will be stuck in tumblr forever, or until I decide that it's worth Googling how to import my two tumblr comments to Wordpress. Either way, the site will stay at my new domain, connor-g.com. I'm really excited to have my own site with a domain, but I think it's just because I remember when buying a domain was a huge deal and when renting a server with a gig of space cost $50 a month. Can you believe I can get unlimited storage and bandwidth for less than $5/month? Welcome to the future, people. Before you know it we'll have phones that talk to you.

AuthorConnor Graham