Meters 1.5 has been approved by Apple and should be in the App Store shortly (it sometimes take a few hours for the changes to show up). Meters 1.5 has had a lot of code rewritten and cleaned up so it should be more reliable in a lot of ways. In addition, the interface has been tweaked in a few places. The workout detail screen has a larger, easier-to-read font, and shows a C2 icon in the upper-right corner for workouts which have been uploaded to your Concept2 Online Logbook. In addition, you'll see a brief "Uploading" message after saving a new workout to make it easier to tell whether its' been uploaded or not. The Settings & Sync screen has been totally reworked to make it cleaner and much easier to understand and use.

In addition, Meters 1.5 comes with an extra surprise (but way better than last week when your coach surprised you with a 6k test): it's now 50% off! Be sure to tell your friends that they can now buy the full version of Meters for only $0.99!

AuthorConnor Graham