1. Child's Play is a charity which donates toys and games to children's hospitals which dramatically increases kids' quality of life while they're in an otherwise extremely kid-un-friendly environment. Check out this awesome video created for the charity by MAKE Studios. 2. Now that you know all about that, want to donate to the cause? How about getting seven awesome games at the same time? Because that's a thing you can do right here at the Humble Indie Bundle #4. You name your own price, and you can split your payment any way you want between the game developers and charity, specifically Child's Play and the American Red Cross. All seven games are all playable on any OS (Mac, Windows, Linux), and they have no DRM, so unlike games you buy from EA, Ubisoft, and most other big game publishers, you can copy the games onto all your computers, install them as many times as you want, even share them with your friends with no hassle.

3. Continuing the thread of how DRM is terrible (more on this in a later blog post if I ever get around to it), Louis CK released his latest standup comedy special on his website for only $5, with nothing stopping you from pirating it except your own conscience. He paid for the shooting and production himself, and did all the editing himself. Turns out it was a pretty good strategy, earning him $200,000 profit in only 4 days.

AuthorConnor Graham