Starting today, I'm going to write a post on this blog every weekday for as long as I can. Obviously stuff comes up sometimes so my little bit of slack is that if I miss one or two posts in a week I can make them up that weekend. But by Sunday night each week I will have written five posts in the previous seven days. The first few weeks will probably be the hardest but my goal is to make it at least 3 months without missing a week.

Why, you ask? I'm partially inspired by Jonathan Coulton's "Thing a Week" project, where he forced himself to write a new song every week for a year. Not all of them were stellar, but some of them ended up being his most popular songs. Similarly, I suspect that a lot of my blog posts will be fairly short--a paragraph or two, maybe. My hope is to do at least one "long" post per week. But I like writing about things that I'm interested in, and I want more practice at it. Hopefully you, my readers, will enjoy what I have to write. Yes, both of you.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy watching me struggle to meet my own goals.

AuthorConnor Graham