Many of you have probably heard about how the popular file-sharing site MegaUpload was taken down last Thursday as part of an effort to combat copyright infringement (read: piracy). This is going to be a short post, because really, Jonathan Coulton already said it better than I ever could, so go read that. Speaking of people who are better at saying things than me, here's Tim O'Reilly in an interview on SOPA from two weeks ago:

 I’m not a movie producer. But I do know that right now the entire content industry is facing massive systemic changes, and to claim that declining sales are because of piracy is so over the top. Any company that is providing great content online in a way that’s easy to use with a fair price has a booming business right now. The people who don’t are trying to fight that future.

Media corporations are so far behind the times there's probably no way for them to recover. We can only hope that they go bankrupt spending all their remaining money on lobbying faster than that lobbying can actually take effect.

AuthorConnor Graham