Short post today. Again, travelling. If you're reading this blog right now, you probably know at least three ways to get in contact with me. Take your pick from Twitter, Facebook, email, text message/phone call, etc. If you came here from Reddit you can comment there or send me a PM.

As many people have said, comments are a relic of the days when it was hard for anyone to get their opinion read on the internet. Making your own blog was a difficult, expensive project that wasn't worthwhile for most people, and getting people to visit it was even more arduous. Now it takes 10 minutes and less than $20 per year to get your own hosted blog and domain name, and next to nothing to start sharing your opinions on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. So I'm killing comments here.

So far my readership is small enough that I really don't get comments on my articles. In fact I think I've gotten around 3 comments total since starting my blog, so turning them off isn't a big sacrifice. But I do love getting feedback, so if you have something to share, you know how to do it.

AuthorConnor Graham