So writing five blog posts a week has been a bit more challenging that I anticipated. Most of my posts so far (I'm writing this on a plane so I can't actually go through and count) have been short. Just a link and a few paragraphs of my own opinion on whatever particular matter I've deemed interesting. Unfortunately traveling this week also made it more difficult to spend time writing. Hopefully I can make up for it with more long posts soon. I've also noticed that on short posts which are based around a link to a story, I often find it hard to come up with an opinion that's markedly different from that given by the bloggers I heard the story from. That, of course, makes me wonder what the point is in even sharing that opinion again.

I know I have yet to successfully accomplish actually posting every weekday: I've had to use the weekends to play catchup both weeks so far. Maybe eventually I'll get in the rhythm where I can manage a post each weekday. Once that happens I can start thinking about (*gasp*!) more than five posts a week.

I keep a note on my iPhone with a list of potential blog post ideas but they're each topics that deserve a long post which I don't often feel like writing, but maybe soon I can start writing posts faster than I come up with ideas. I'd also like to come up with ideas that aren't as strictly Apple- or gadget-focused as most of my posts so far. On the other hand, a blog which focuses on a single topic seems like it would have more appeal to the people who are interested in that topic.

So those are my thoughts on this experiment so far. I know blogging-about-blogging is one of the least interesting things I could possibly do, but it's late and I'm on an airplane, and nothing else particularly inspired me to write. I also need to get better at writing conclusions.

AuthorConnor Graham