Path is an iPhone (and Android) app that lets you "share life with the ones you love." It's a beautifully designed app which makes it super easy and intuitive and even fun to post content. "Content", of course, can be some text, a photo or video, your location, who you're with, what music you're listening to, or more (or almost any combination of those). Unlike Twitter and Facebook, which are made for sharing with lots of friends and followers, Path is intended to be for sharing with only your closest friends or family. There's even a specific option on each post you make to make it entirely private, so that no one but you can see it. In this sense, the app is as much designed for keeping a personal journal of your life as it is for sharing.

I started writing this post earlier today and realized I was spending more time discussing my views on the practices and etiquette of social sharing than I was actually talking about Path, so I'm saving that post for tomorrow. The short version is that Path makes it easy and enjoyable to share information, and when you want, you can also post that information to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Foursquare, or you can restrict it to just your Path friends or just yourself. Don't consider this a formal review, because there is certainly room for improvement, but after one day of heavy use I really enjoy Path and I recommend that anyone with an iPhone at least try it.

AuthorConnor Graham