If last week was the week of reviews, this is the week of off-topic posts, apparently. A couple years ago when Stride gum came out, they advertised that the flavor lasted way longer than any other chewing gum. Sure enough, it typically lasted me long enough that my jaw got tired of chewing it before the flavor started to dissipate. I don't always chew gum, but when I do, I make it Stride. Their TV ads poked fun at the idea that if their flavor lasts so long, won't they sell less gum?

Well apparently they should have taken themselves more seriously, because a few months ago they came out with "Stride 2.0". There's no explanation of what's different about it, but of course their new TV ads implied that it was somehow better than the original and you should chew 2.0 now. And of course, original Stride stopped appearing in stores, replaced only with the new Stride 2.0. Conspicuously enough, the flavor doesn't last nearly as long as in the original Stride.

I can't imagine that they actually lost sales because of how long their gum lasted, but it's the only reason I can think of that they felt the need to replace it with an inferior version. For a time stores still had stock of the original variety and I would always get it when I could but now I'm stuck with 2.0. I still prefer it over other brands of gum, but it was a disappointing change.

So that's my rant about chewing gum.

AuthorConnor Graham