Waze Lets You Report Traffic With A Wave Of Your Hand Waze, for anyone who doesn't know, is a GPS app which tracks your speed while you're using it and uses that data to help other drivers avoid traffic. You can also report incidents on your route, like hazards, accidents, or even hidden police cars, and Waze will warn other drivers nearby. Before today, reporting that meant pressing a few buttons on the screen, which wasn't too bad since they were large, obvious buttons, but certainly wasn't as safe as keeping 100% of your attention on the road. Now you can activate voice controls just by waving your hand near the screen (using the iPhone's proximity sensor) and then just say things like "Navigate to work" or "Report an accident".

Waze is free on the App Store and Android Marketplace (though only the iPhone version has voice controls so far) so I definitely recommend everyone check it out. The more people that use it the better it gets. I use it every day on my way to and from work. Obviously I know the route but using Waze lets me know if there's traffic along my usual route, and gives me a good estimate of how long it'll take on any given day. Plus, using it helps everyone else that uses it.

Check it out.

AuthorConnor Graham