Trying to write a blog post every day was an interesting challenge, but in the end it just felt like a chore more often than anything else. I think a more appropriate challenge would have been one really good post every week or every two weeks. After all, I have a rather long list at this point of in-depth topics I wanted to cover but rarely had the effort to sit down and write them, edit them, reorganize them, proofread them, and then post them within a day. So for now I'm abandoning my blogging challenge. Certainly I'll still be writing here as regularly as I can, but if I'm gonna force myself to spend time on something I'd rather it be developing my apps. That's right, "apps" in the plural. I constantly have new ideas for Meters, but on top of that I've got another, totally unrelated project I'm working on that should be ready for submission to the App Store within the month. It's not really a huge secret if you follow me on Twitter but you'll see it soon enough. Then I've got another rowing-related app that I'm exploring, this time geared toward coaches specifically. It's still in the very early stages but if I can make a prototype that seems useful then the next step will of course be another full-blown app.

I just invested a not-insignificant amount of money in a used 23" Apple Cinema Display with the hope that it'll be a lot easier to convince myself to work on apps when (1) I have a little more screen real estate than my Macbook Air offers and (2) I don't have the option of coding while sitting in bed, which invariably leads to just watching Netflix.

Plan on seeing less of me here but more of me on the App Store.

AuthorConnor Graham