I went and saw Wreck-It Ralph yesterday based primarily on the strength of the trailer. My first thought: don't go see a kids' movie on a Sunday afternoon. Believe it or not, there will be a lot of kids there. To compensate for this fact, I think the theater turned the volume up by about 20%. It was quite loud.

My second thought is that I guess I should have had lower expectations for a kids' movie. The trailer hooked me with promises of jokes and references to retro (and modern) video games. A voice in my head kept saying "Why even put these references in the movie if it's targeted to kids? They won't understand half the jokes!" I rationalized it by assuming that, like many Pixar movies, the movie would have enough layers to it to entertain both kids and an older audience.

But the reality is that they used most of the good retro video game references in the trailer to get people like me to come watch the movie and then mostly didn't deliver on the movie I was hoping to see. Instead it definitely felt to me like the kind of movie where they put all the best jokes in the trailers. The bulk of the movie took place inside a fictional game called Sugar Rush (a candy-themed Mario Kart knockoff), and it felt like there were more puns about different types of candy than there were jokes about video games.

Don't get me wrong: it was cute, and fun, and I'm sure kids would enjoy it. If I had kids and had to pick a movie to bring them to I would probably pick this over most other kids' movies. But personally, I was disappointed.

AuthorConnor Graham