Meters is the rower's logbook for iPhone and iPod touch. Use Meters to keep track of your rowing workouts and monitor your progress. Helpful calculators and simple, automatic uploading let you find your weight-adjusted times, predict your pace for different distances, calculate between distance, time and pace, and integrate with your existing Concept2 Online Logbook if you choose.



  • Record workouts with a simple, easy-to-use interface.
  • Automatically upload workouts to your Concept2 Online Logbook.
  • Convert between distance, time, 500m split pace, and watts.
  • Easily calculate weight adjusted times or predict times for a given distance based on a previously recorded workout.

Rowing News Magazine says:

"Intuitive functionality makes it fairly easy to keep track of workouts ... the real value of the app is for those who are interested in weight-adjusting their scores or converting splits to watts, or the reverse."

App Store reviewers are saying:

"This is great for people who want to keep track of erg workouts without notepads or sticky memos to keep the information until it can be logged online. Easy to set up and seamlessly integrated with the Concept 2 logbook."

"As someone who is very serious about erging, but has never had the time or interest to log everything at concept 2, this is a great app!!"

"This app is fantastic."

Need help with Meters?

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