Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I record my workouts?

A: From the logbook screen, tap the [ + ] button in the upper-right corner. Fill out the details of your workouts and press Save.


Q: How do I upload my workouts to my Concept2 Online Logbook?

A: Go to the Settings screen. Turn on Sync to Concept2. Press Account and enter your Concept2 username and password and press Done.

From here you have two options. If your turn on Automatic Upload, then Meters will automatically attempt to upload each workout right after you add it. You can also press the Sync Now button and Meters will upload all your workouts which have not been previously uploaded.


Q: Can I tell which workouts have and have not been uploaded?

A: Go to the Logbook screen and tap on any workout. If there is a C2 logo in the upper-right corner (to the right of the Distance) it has been uploaded to Concept2. If not, you can go to Settings and press Sync Now to upload all your workouts which haven't been uploaded.


Q: Can I edit or delete existing workouts?

A: You can delete a workout from Meters while you're on the Logbook screen. Swipe side-to-side over it and then tap Delete, or press the Edit button and then tap the Delete icon next to the workout you want to delete. Note that this does not delete the workout from your Concept2 Online Logbook.

You can not currently edit a workout that's been saved in Meters. I hope to add this ability in a future version of the app.


Q: Can I download workouts that are stored on my Concept2 Online Logbook?

A: For now, no. Unfortunately Concept2's website is not designed to be used by third-party apps such as Meters and so it's very difficult for me to add features that interact with the online logbook. I have talked to Concept2 about adding that ability but they don't seem to think it's a particularly high priority. Again, I hope to add this feature in a future version of the app.


Q: Do I need a Concept2 Online Logbook?

A: Absolutely not! Meters performs all its other functions perfectly well even if you don't use an online logbook. It's a lot better than a paper notebook.


Q: Why do you need my weight and gender?

A: That information is used to automatically select either Lightweight or Heavyweight when you save a workout, based on Concept2's designation that the cutoff for Lightweight is 165lbs/74kg for men and 135lbs/62kg for women. It also used to fill in your weight on the Weight Adjustment screen. You can also ignore this information and pick LWT or HWT each time you enter a workout.

In the future I hope to add Calories Burned field to each workout which will automatically calculate the number of calories burned in a workout. The erg monitor estimates your calories per hour for a given workout but it isn't as accurate unless it knows your actual weight.


Q: How do I use Weight Adjustment and Pace Prediction?

A: Pick an existing workout from your Logbook, and then press either button on the bottom of the workout detail screen. To predict your pace for a given distance based on your time for an existing piece, just enter the new distance and press Done. To view your weight adjusted split, enter your weight and press either Fixed Distance or Fixed Time. For instance, if I rowed a 2,000m piece, I would pick Fixed Distance. If I had rowed a 10 minute piece, I would pick Fixed Time.


Q: I have another question, comment, or suggestion!

A: Just send an email to I love hearing from users, whether you need help or have an idea for a new feature that you'd like to see.